Bank Financing & Loan Origination

Our loan origination practice includes the negotiation and documentation of secured and unsecured revolving and term loans, acquisition loans, asset based loans, real property and construction loans, margin loans, art and other types of personal investment-related loans, letter of credit facilities, industrial revenue bond financings, repurchase agreements, pre-export and other commodities financing for domestic and offshore sellers, chapter 11 debtor-in-possession and exit financings and various types of structured financings.

We represent agents and arrangers and participant lenders in syndicated transactions as well as individual lenders in bilateral secured and unsecured facilities. When drafting documents, we incorporate safeguards against the bankruptcy, insolvency and structural risks that we frequently encounter and we advise our clients how best to protect against the potential insolvency of their borrowers and counterparties. Our recent representations include:

Our recent representations include:

Commodity financing

revolving loan and letter of credit borrowing base facility to a global exporter of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and its Hong Kong based affiliates; revolving loan and letter of credit borrowing base facility to a BVI-based exporter of metals and its Mexico and Brazil-based affiliates; revolving loan and letter of credit facility to a global exporter of petroleum and its Belgium and UK-based affiliates; facilities secured by precious metals; revolving loan and letter of credit borrowing base facilities to agricultural producers and commodities traders secured by grain, livestock, sugar, coffee and other commodities.

Asset based loans

bilateral and syndicated asset-based borrowing base, revolving credit and term loan facilities to companies in a wide variety of industries including an owner/operator of shipping ports; a private oil and gas holding company; oil and gas producers; a frozen food importer and exporter; a manufacturer of chemicals; a metal fabricator; a purchaser of farm subsidies; a consumer products company; a reality TV film company; a finance company that lends to law firms; a natural gas trader; a hemp processor; and a lender to start-up businesses in the oil and gas industry.

Real estate financing

the financing of land acquisition for a New York City hotel development project; the refinancing of a 550,000 square foot multi-use building in Manhattan; the financing of shopping centers, office buildings and apartment complexes in Florida, Nevada, California and Washington; and construction financing for a multimedia center in Las Vegas.

Acquisition financing

the financing of a public trust for the purchase of a Manhattan office building and the acquisition of a national hotel chain.

Revolving credit and term loan facilities

a $1 billion revolving credit facility secured on margin by marketable securities; revolving credit facilities to three feeder funds operating in the Cayman Islands secured by equity interests in hedge funds; a term loan and revolving credit facility to a real estate developer for the refinancing of a multi-use New York City office building; and a $150 million estate tax liquidity facility.

Personal investment related loans

bilateral and syndicated facilities to investment funds secured by capital call commitments and to high net worth individuals and their affiliates secured by personal investments such as marketable securities, Rule 144 securities, margin accounts, hedge fund and private equity company interests, fine art collections and aircraft; lender to executives and employees of public and private companies secured by restricted common stock issued under employee stock incentive programs. Repurchase agreements: bilateral repurchase facilities to Latin American sellers of commodities such as coffee, grain and sugar. DIP financing: post-petition financing to numerous chapter 11 debtors.